Hey Daydream Manifesters! 🚀 Let’s talk all things shipping at Manifesting Daydreams, where your style dreams are crafted and sent your way with love and care.

📦 Your dreamy orders typically lift-off within 1-3 business days. But remember, all good things take time, so for our handmade treasures, allow us a cozy 1-8 business days to get them just right and ready to ship.

Destination vibes: Delivery times might do a little dance based on where you’re located. 🌎

A little nudge: Double-check your info and addresses at checkout to make sure your dreamy goods land in the right spot! 📍 We can’t take responsibility for lost or undelivered orders due to address oopsies, or for packages that decide to go on an adventure (lost/stolen) after being delivered. If your tracking throws a party and says "Delivered" but your item is MIA, please chat with your mail carrier for the 411!

Let’s keep the dreamy vibes flowing and the packages rolling at Manifesting Daydreams!