Super Cleanse Nail Polish • Clear Quartz


The quintessential top coat: Super Cleanse. This is a quick drying, clear polish that can be used as a top coat to seal in color and extend the life of your manicure, or worn on its own for a simple, clean look. Infused with micronized clear quartz, this polish acts as a deep cleanser for the soul--removing energetic blockages and bringing the mind and body into a state of harmony, balance, and clarity. Use it to wash away whatever no longer serves you and promote a clear and focused mindset. Since quartz amplifies the effects of other stones, it will also lend an extra boost of positivity and strength to the intentions you set. 

• 15ml bottle
• 21-free formula

• Infused with micronized crystals
• Vegan + cruelty-free
• Made in the US
• To use: apply this polish after you've allowed your base color to dry completely. You should only need one coat, but can apply two for extra protection if desired.

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