Gaia Grounding Nail Polish • Hematite


Anchor yourself to the grounding energies of the Earth with this centering and comforting tan shade. Infused with micronized hematite, this blend offers unwavering support during times of stress, fostering a deep sense of safety and security. By providing a sturdy energetic foundation (physically, mentally, and emotionally), this polish keeps you firmly rooted in the present moment and allows you to stand strong in your power. It curbs flighty tendencies and impulsivity, ensuring you stay focused on the task at hand. It also quells restlessness and scattered thoughts, instilling calmness and serenity. If intense emotions threaten to send you off balance, use this polish to gently return to center and feel the stable earth beneath your feet. Know that you are safe and supported at all times. 

• 15ml bottle
• 21-free formula

• Infused with micronized crystals
• Vegan + cruelty-free
• Made in the US
• To use: shake bottle upside down, focus on intention, then apply 2 coats, & seal with a clear top coat (optional).

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