Crystal Candle & Manifestation Journal Workshop With Spider + Olive Co. | July 31st 7:00-9:00PM



Join us for an evening of creation, meditation, and reflection. Create something beautiful, both in your hands and in your mind.

Immerse yourself in a magical and creative experience that blends the art of candle making, grounding meditation, and expressive journaling. This workshop is designed to provide a soothing and inspiring environment where you can craft, meditate, and manifest your deepest desires while reflecting creatively.

✨Crystal Candle Making✨
Begin your journey by crafting a personalized soy wax candle infused with your choice of essential oils. Finish off your unique creation by topping it with carefully selected crystals that resonate with your intentions. Whether you choose clear quartz for clarity, amethyst for peace, or rose quartz for love, these crystals will add a special touch and metaphysical benefits to your candle.

Transition into a serene state with a guided manifestation meditation. Settle into a comfortable space and light your freshly made candle. The soothing aroma of essential oils will enhance your meditation as you focus on your breathing and visualize your goals. This meditation will guide you through affirmations and visualization techniques to help you manifest your aspirations and center your mind on positive outcomes.

✨Creative Journaling✨
Begin by decorating your personal journal using various materials such as decorative paper, washi tape, stickers, and colorful pens. Let your creativity flow as you craft a cover and design the pages to reflect your personality and intentions. Once your journal is decorated, engage in guided journaling exercises that include setting daily intentions, reflecting on your meditation experience, and responding to thought-provoking prompts. This practice will deepen your connection to your goals and provide a tangible way to track your manifestation journey.

Please Note: This is an in-person workshop. Space is very limited. There are no refunds on workshop tickets.

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