Angel Aura Quartz + Amethyst Necklace • Serenity, Joy, Light, Beauty


Angel Aura Quartz is an exquisite and ethereal gemstone with metaphysical properties that offer a myriad of benefits for spiritual growth, connection, and healing. This quartz variety is created by infusing clear quartz with precious metals, resulting in a stunning iridescent rainbow sheen. Angel Aura Quartz resonates with the higher chakras, facilitating communication with angelic beings, spirit guides, and higher realms. It promotes a deep sense of peace, serenity, and divine connection. Angel Aura Quartz uplifts the spirit, bringing joy, optimism, and a heightened sense of spirituality. It assists in purifying and aligning the energy field, allowing for the flow of positive energy. This crystal aids in spiritual growth, enhancing intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual awareness. It can also support emotional healing, alleviating feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Embrace the enchanting energy of Angel Aura Quartz to elevate your spiritual practice, connect with divine energies, and experience a profound sense of inner harmony and enlightenment.

Amethyst, a remarkable gemstone, possesses metaphysical properties that offer a multitude of benefits for spiritual growth and well-being. Revered as the "Stone of Spiritual Wisdom," amethyst activates the Crown chakra, facilitating connection to higher realms and enhancing spiritual insight. It is a powerful tool for meditation, calming the mind, and promoting a deep sense of inner peace. Amethyst also acts as a protective shield, purifying one's energy field and shielding against negative influences. This stone is renowned for its ability to support emotional balance, easing anxiety and stress while promoting clarity and mental focus. Amethyst further aids in the release of addictive patterns and assists in spiritual growth, awakening intuition, and deepening the understanding of one's true purpose. Embrace the transformative energy of amethyst and allow its radiant violet hues to guide you towards spiritual enlightenment, healing, and a harmonious life.

 • All of our crystals are charged in sunlight & during the most recent full moon.
 • All items are stored in a dog loving, smoke free home!
 • DISCLAIMER : We, at Manifesting Daydreams, are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Healing crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

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